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  • The future of alcohol sensing

    Together with strategic partners, we aim to develop general wellness products in the alcohol consumption monitoring space.

    Company history

    Since 2015, CEO Bob Lansdorp (left) and Application Engineer Rashad Hamid (right) have advanced continuous non-invasive alcohol sensor technology from the lab to the real world. Our pre-beta units are currently being used by researchers around the world.


    Milo Sensors is headquartered in UC Santa Barbara's California Nanosystems Institute Incubator, which provides the company with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, equipment, and laboratory space to develop their novel biosensors.


    Additionally, the company utilizes shared experimental facilities in UCSB's Materials Research Lab, one of the top five materials research facilities in the world.

    Award-winning Technology

    Milo Sensors' technology received national recognition from the National Institutes of Health, winning the $100,000 “Wearable Alcohol Biosensor” Challenge Prize, receiving a $223,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research Grant and a Phase II Grant for more than $2 Million.




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    We believe in a future where wearable technology can impact, improve, and advance human health.